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Your choice? Who am I?

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Worried, stressed, lost your way

Your choice? Who am I?

So just who are you? How do you think of yourself? How do you define yourself?

Far too often as fallible human beings we fall into the trap of believing we are less than we can be and this has a negative, draining effect on our lives. Not to put too fine a point on it we distrust our abilities and allow this inner lack of confidence to define us.

If you recognise this position and can see that defining yourself does affect your confidence in yourself, you can change it to improve who you are. To become better, to become who you want to be, to become someone who others look to for help, guidance, wisdom or support.

Changing attitude

It maybe that the way you define yourself has come from your upbringing, your experience of life or possibly you think you were born that way but none of these is relevant if you want to change who you are. To use any of these allows the negatives to define us and only positivity will allow us to change who we are. Finding the path to that person you need to be requires change and to change you have to know where to start. To make a decision that you are going to start is where you start. To change you have to decide to change and the decision to change is your start point.

Change direction

Change direction, follow the signs

This is where anyone who has redefined themselves started from – that decision is where you choose not to believe that how we got to this point is how we have to be. Our path through life will take many turns and some missteps along the way are life happening, it is fluid and ever changing, and should be so but unless you wish to believe fate, destiny or some outside mystical force guides you nothing can stop you changing outcomes to positive, life enhancing experiences rather than debilitating negative happenstances.

Either way

Anything you thought that defined you which is negative can be seen as a signpost which, if you had known it at the time, and seen it as such, could have been a place you might have used to change. You cannot change history but you can recognise its effects and without regret can see how a different decision could have resulted in a different you.

So no regrets, and no self-recriminations only look for the positives which you can use now and make a part of how you define the new you.

© Rick Grain 26 June 2016

All images courtesy of Pixabay