Yoga stretch

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult if you are constantly under pressure to run or maintain a business. There are numerous ways to set up your life to ensure you do some of the obvious things everyone should be doing if they want to keep healthy, like movement, good eating and resting adequately but this depends on what type of person you are. Those who have plans, goals, written agendas, diaries or lists can be the easiest to help with putting into place a healthy life plan as it is just the way you add small changes to their existing routines. People like me who basically have no plan because much of my day is spent reacting to requests, queries or problems to solve can find it hard to get a structured lifestyle system. Having a focussed approach to health requires me to set aside a defined time to do stuff like making my juice for lunch.

Floor exercise

Exercise is, for me, very hit and miss as far as I will try to do a twenty-minute workout daily with standard easy stuff using no equipment (you don’t need to stow away the floor after running on the spot or doing press-ups rather than having a rowing machine or yoga mat) but this rarely happens even though I know I will feel better for it. I substitute this with taking as much time as I can spare parking at the furthest corner of the car park or a couple of streets away from the bank, shop or wherever and fast walking. I usually run upstairs and walk down if possible rather than using a lift.

All the things I do to keep mobile are really tiny fractional events which I hope add up to a healthy section of my life but this is subjective and I am aware that I really should be doing more. I love to walk in the countryside especially along the canal towpaths but the time it takes to do this is time I find difficult or even impossible to set aside.

Canal walk

Resting is essential to a healthy lifestyle and like eating and exercising finding the time to rest other than when I fall asleep in front of the TV or more likely in front of the computer I’m busy working on isn’t the same as resting.

Headphones cans


I well remember the days when I could lie back with cans on and listen to the whole of one or more of my favourite albums. That is as restful as anything I can think of but I can’t say when was the last time I actually did just that. Whatever you do to really rest should take time away from your other worries and anxieties or the whole exercise will have little, if any, value.

As with all coaching and especially LifeSignposting use what you know and what you have achieved for yourself to adapt things to fit and work for your clients so they get the most benefit from the changes you are helping them to achieve.

® Rick Grain

Images as always courtesy of Pixabay


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