What do we think of when the word prophecy is mentioned? The end of the world? Nostradamus? Mohammed? Christ? Astrology? Russell Grant?


All these are or claim to be either gifted or blessed with foresight – the ablility to foresee or predict the future. But is that what they can do? Or is there some other force at work able to implant ideas into the minds of these prophets or stargazers?

Perhaps it is a little of both but maybe it is neither and prophecies come to fruition purely by coincidence. We have all heard the phrase “self fulfilling prophecy” when what we mean is something which is obviously cause and effect. “If you stick your fingers in that light socket you’ll get a shock!” is maybe a little blatant as an example but what if this is more often what happens when a prophecy comes to pass? Could the prophet be able to read critical signs which most others miss and then “prophesy” what must occur as a result of cause and effect?


What of astrologers? They make a living by “reading” the stars and their placement in the heavens and specific times and “foretelling” you future or predicting an occurence or other outcome, similarly Tarot cards, bones, intestines and many objects claim to be “readable” by adepts who then give you a roadmap of your life past, present and future. Can the word prophecy be used to describe a system of reading the signs from such random and varying things?

Whatever the truths put out there by prophets actually are or could be construed as I leave to your imagination.

Daily prompt [Prophecy]

© Rick Grain 26 June 2016


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